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Wirral based HQ

What the Company does?

SGP are UK debt collectors specialising in debt recovery. Based on the Wirral

We can recover unpaid accounts worldwide. We specialise in the collection and recovery of both commercial and consumer debts, settling disputes via negotiation by highly skilled recovery agents and bespoke industry software. If your business is suffering from unpaid accounts due to outstanding invoices, SGP will recover your losses in a professional and efficient manner.

SGP Benefits

  • Sinclair Goldberg Price Limited is a proactive, solution-led Debt Recovery company. Based on the Wirral since 2004.  Our aim is to provide easily accessible services, both for clients and debtors resulting in a high level of debt recovery.
  • SGP actively pursue Deliberately Delayed, Disputed and Aged Debt.
  • SGP hold an exceptional position in our industry of offering a No Win – No Fee service allowing our clients to access recovery services without the need to pay uncapped costs for debts not collected.
  • We are not a call centre. Every client is provided with a dedicated Account Manager chosen to match your industry requirements.
  • SGP provided a NO VOICEMAIL policy and guarantee that you and your debtors call will be answered by a trained staff member and not a machine.
  • SGP is licenced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and has been since its inception. You can rely on SGP to only carry out activity in your name which complies with relevant legislation, protecting your reputation.

Who we work with

Our clients range from Sole Traders, SME’s, Professionals, Multi National organisations and the Public Sector. We support industries and professions including, Construction, Engineering, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Import, Export, Architects,  Accountants, Vets, up to large International organisations trading in Consulting, Construction, IT and Public Services.  Regardless of your company’s size or how complicated or simple your debt problem, SGP UK Debt Collectors can help you to make full debt recovery of outstanding debts and unpaid bills.

How we collect Debt

Skilled negotiators / debt recovery agents utilise both Traditional skills and Hi-Tech methods including Calls from alternating numbers (to prevent call blocking), Email, SMS Texting, Whatsapp and social media. Our spoke Debt Management and Payment Monitoring System ensure debtors are monitored and non-reactive debtors receive contact to encourage engagement. Our experienced debt collection staff will negotiate your debtors’ disputes, real or invented, saving you time and money. Unpaid or delayed instalments are automatically flagged to the appropriate team with instalment plans regularly reviewed to encourage debtors to increase and clear balances quickly.